Draw Stop Compatibility Charts

Use the draw stop charts to figure out the size stops that are compatible with your bow.  There is also a factory stop chart if you are just trying to replace the factory stops.  Click Link to open chart.

If you do not see the bow you are looking for, or have questions please contact us we will be glad to help.

We have started releasing our Limb Stops!!

All Other Brands

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What Brand Bows ?

With all the different brands of bows on the market there is endless possible applications for our stops. If you have a specific need contact us and we will see if we currently make a stop that will fit or we will consider adding it to our lineup.

How to Use the Charts

Reading the Charts, In this example we look at getting a Bowtech Realm draw length in between 30″ and 30.5″

Get it? Got it? Good! If Not Let us Know!