“Sliding stops are great but they do have a few drawbacks, they slide…. making precise adjustments difficult”.

     The Justo is the solution, with its symmetrical design you can easily, accurately and repeatably adjust your stops.  Micro adjusting at your fingertips in the shop, in the field or on the range.

Making your bow fit you one click at a time.

Adjustable Draw Stops

     Bow fit is the most critical component in shooting accuracy.  When I couldn’t find a Stop that offered multiple settings and ease of setup I created one.  

     We manufacture our stops in the USA.  Our patent pending design allows you to micro adjust your draw length, valley, let-off, and how your wall feels.  They easily replace your factory stops.  Each stop has 4 settings.  What all this means for you, is you can fine tune the bow to fit you and, Not the other way around.

Give our Stops a Try You Will be Happy You Did!

Mute Stuff

    You have crawled down the fence line with your bow clinched in your teeth, You start to rise for the shot and “Scraaaatch”…. a twig scrapes across your quiver hood.  You know and have lived the rest.  

    Time for Mute Stuff, this is a thin, conformable felt padding that can be applied to your stops and other equipment to quiet them down.  Mute Stuff also has anti-glare properties that can prove use full on the range or in the field.